Onyx Solar AC

Working principle

In order to let our client understand our solar air conditioner better, and expand the market more easily.We would like to explain the working principle of our solar air conditioner as follows:

If you know the traditional air conditioner working principle, you will know our solar air conditioner better. For the traditional air conditioner, when cooling, the Freon is compressed into high temperature high pressure steam in the compressor, then to condense, Freon becomes high pressure normal temperature liquid, then to the capacity, Freon turns to low temperature low pressure liquid through decompression, after that moves in to the indoor unit to achieve cooling function through heat exchange in the evaporator.

Now for our solar air conditioner, solar collector collects heat from the sun, after the high temperature high pressure steam (Freon) come from the compressor, the high temperature high pressure steam (Freon) will go to the copper coil of the solar collector for heat exchange. The solar collector makes the high

temperature high pressure steam (Freon) into the higher temperature and higher pressure. in short, the solar collector helps the compressor to make the temperature and pressure higher. That is why the solar air conditioner can save electricity and increase the energy efficiency when cooling

How to save energy at night
The tank is well insulated so it can keep the gas warm without sunshine for 70 hours.

We offer 5 years warranty for compressor (one year for indoor unit). And we will assure 100% support you for the after sale service.
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