Onyx Solar Water Heater

Why Solar Energy ?Onyx had been in the market for the past 4 years with its successful hybrid solar air conditioner which has gained the trust of many. Now we are introducing ONYX SOLAR WATER HEATER to serve you better.

We offer evacuated tub collector solar water heaters for both domestic and industrial use.
The Solar Advantage

  1. Solar energy inexhaustible and a renewable source of energy
  2. It replaces the usage of conventional energy sources like oil, gases etc.
  3. Solar energy is non-polluting and the usage of this energy reduces the releases if Carbon Dioxide, Green house gases and carcinogens into the atmosphere.
  4. The energy from the sun is virtually free.
  5. Most of the solar energy equipments are stand alone there by the requiring the support of power of gas grid
  6. Solar equipment required very little maintenance( they have no moving parts) and they last along time.

Benefits of ONYX Solar Water Heater

  1.  Better performance in winter and cloudy days.
  2.  No Scale Formation will occur by using Salt & Hard Water.
  3.  Compressed PUF, insulated storage tank to retain the hot water for more than 24 hrs.
  4. Absolute non-mixing and non pressure system to ensure long life of inner tank even after salt water and borewell hard water usage.
  5. High Quality stainless steel
  6. Auxiliary tank is fitted instead of air vent, withstands high cold water pressure also minimize mixing of Hot & Cold Water .
  7. Air tight silicon ‘O’ rings avoids hot water leakage due to high temperature.
  8. High Quality, tested & tough / Borosilicate Glass Tubes.

Why Solar Energy ?

Solar Energy is ultra clean, natural and a sustainable source of energy which can be utilized for generating electricity lighting and heating applications. Unlike olden time, with the help of advanced technologies, proper design and construction now we can benefit from solar energy during all types of weather conditions.